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Say hello to your new favourite tenant


From corporate-owned new builds to private apartments and renovations, we take the bricks and mortar of Barrio Justicia and turn them into beautiful places for people to rent and live. Whether you're a property owner in need of a manager or want help renovating, designing and furnishing your property, we'll turn it into something special, fill it with professional, vetted short-stay and long-term guests and maximise its revenue potential. Just get in touch and leave the rest to us. 

Income on your terms


Not every landlord and developer has the same needs and expectations from their properties, which is why we let you choose how you manage it. It's your property, after all. 


 - FIXED -

Sign a management contract and we'll guarantee you a fixed income on time every month, even if your property sits vacant. And we'll take care of everything, from finding tenants to fixing problems, so all you need to worry about is what to spend your money on.



Need to use your property from time to time, or have employees who use it when they're in Madrid? No problem. Rent when it's available and we'll manage your guests for a percentage of your revenue and give them all the benefits Akora offers, including access to our member's club.

The Akora clients

Partner with us to welcome esteemed guests from the world's leading companies to your upscale properties in Madrid. Our highly selective guests seek luxury and professionalism, making them ideal tenants. Join Akora and unlock the potential of your real estate investments.

Property revenue made easy

01 Check eligibility
We'll make sure your property meets our criteria and discuss your requirements and rental potential.

02 Make it magic
Whether it's a total renovation, lick of paint or a quick clean, we'll bring your property up to standard.

03 Design for life
Our team of in-house designers bring your property to life in style, with furnishings to match.

04 Full service management
We take care of everything from finding and vetting guests to cleaning, maintenance and services.

05 The personal touch
You'll have your own Akora property manager at your disposal 24/7 to handle any questions you may have.

Is your property eligible?

Contact us to find out

Thank you! A member of our team will respond shortly.

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Got a question? We've got answers:

How do I list my property on Akora?

We understand that every landlord and developer has different needs and expectations from their properties, which is why we let you choose how you manage it – be that a guaranteed income management contract or a more flexible rental agreement. 

If you'd like to add your property or properties to the Akora portfolio, the first step is to get in touch to see if it meets our criteria. Just contact us.

What kind of properties is Akora looking for?

First and foremost, your property needs to be located in the Barrio Justicia, as we believe is one of the best neigbourhoods in the city center of Madrid city.

We have some set criteria we expect in order to meet the Akora promise to our guests.  Ready to rent apartments should have fully equipped, modern and good quality kitchens and bathrooms and laundry facilities, and features like plenty of natural light, air conditioning, elevators and second floor or higher are a plus. 

If you're looking for help renovating and furnishing a property for rental, we're excited to talk to you and see what we can create!

Who does Akora rent properties to?

We only rent to professionals living and working in Madrid or visiting for work. We screen all our guests with a detailed rental application form and background check.

Do rental properties have to be furnished?

We're happy to take on properties that are fully furnished as long as the furnishing meet our high standards in terms of quality, design and condition. If your property isn't furnished, we have a dedicated in-house design team who can help completely refurbish your property with everything it needs, from beds, tables, chairs and work desks to HDTVs, WiFi and the basics like bed linens, towels and kitchen and bathroom essentials.

Who pays for the utilities?

We ask property owners to cover the comunidad (community) costs. Otherwise it depends on the rental option you choose – for guaranteed income management contracts we cover all other utility costs, but for flexible rentals we deduct the utility costs from the rental income. 

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